Keynote professionals on: Social Entrepreneurship

Harnessing entrepreneurship to Innovate solutions to social problems

“Undoubtedly, entrepreneurship creates jobs, improves people’s quality of life, and moves resources into more productive parts of the economy. These benefits are valuable and surely produce social good. So why do we emphasize social entrepreneurship?”

Come join our panel of social entrepreneurs this Thursday at the Mara Launchpad who will answer all your questions and hopefully empower you to run a more socially aware business and become one of today’s heroes.

Date: Thursday 28th June 2012
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm
Venue: Mara Launchpad, 3rd Floor Ham Towers (Tuskys building opposite Makerere)

Our Panel of experts this Month:

Maggie Sheahan
Program Director

Maggie Sheahan is the Program Director for Educate!, and has been working in Uganda since 2009.  She is inspired most by Educate!’s proactive approach:  “We all know about the problems that challenge our world, most especially Africa. I love Educate! because it empowers young people to think about solutions!”  After graduating from Pomona College in 2008 with a degree in Religious Studies, she lived in Denver, Colorado working with homeless youth.  There, she discovered the vibrancy and hopefulness that shines from youth.

Her work for Educate! has included writing Transform Uganda, a handbook for our scholars to become Changemakers, launching the Change Makers Association, and providing continued teaching support for our Mentors. She is currently facilitating the Educate! Teacher Training Course as well as implementing the Educate! program.

Angelica Towne
Co-founder and Country Director

Angelica, who graduated from Middlebury College, brings a creativity and passion to Educate! that is expressed in the curriculum she has designed for the socially responsible leadership course. Her experience designing curricula in Jamaica and the US gave her a foundation.  Now, by synthesizing resources and advice from our partner organizations and contacts in Uganda and elsewhere Angelica has put together an innovative, trend setting course that changes the face, and enhances the purpose, of the Ugandan education system. As Country Director, she enjoys leading the staff and Mentors in Uganda.

In her words: “I know firsthand what it means to be literally saved by nonprofit organizations that embody creative solutions to society’s opportunity gaps. At Kyangwali Refugee Camp, Benson Wereje, Bahati and I swapped stories of how we all received “sponsorship” or scholarships to attend university and how it changed our lives forever. I felt such a beautiful solidarity with our students and reaffirmation of the necessity of this work.”

John John Jacob
Director & Founder
Bridgehead24 Ltd.

John John Jacob is the Director & Founder of Bridgehead24 Ltd. He is a corporate trainer from India, a business consultant and marketing expert, and external examiner for MBA graduands at Sikkim Manipal University. He comes with 20years of professional work experience in the field of training and recruitment. In Uganda he has trained over 42,000 university students on personal & professional development. In India he has conducted corporate training for companies like Anz Grindlays Bank, Tata, IBM, SLK, British Airways, AT&T, in partnership with Dream Catcher India. He has also been a trainer of dolphins and sea lions at Folks Land in India!


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